Ps3 controller charging docks

Range of charging docking stations for the PS3

Ps3 controller charging dock

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PS3 blu ray remote control

PS3 blu ray remote control

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The blu ray remote PS3 controller is a great tool in simplifying the movie watching experience for new comers and ps3 veterans alike, its easy to use control system makes watching blu ray discs and dvd’s a whole more of an enjoyable and easy experience.

On top of that the ps3 blu ray remote can be used as an easier alternative to the standard ps3 controller for navigating around the Playstation menu system and playing media files.

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PS3 Steering Wheels

Range of steering wheels for the PS3

PS3 Steering Wheels

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Logic3 Blue PS3 steering wheel controller

logic3 blue PS3 steering wheel controller

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The blue logic3 ps3 steering wheel and pedals controller is compatible with playstation 3, playstation 2 and windows PC gaming making it an all round versatile control.  Its added features include gear stick and rumble feedback for extra realism.

The Logic3 steering wheel is a must for any racing enthusiast.  For more information and images click here

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