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PS3 Street fighter arcade stick controllers

Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 Arcade Stick in White

Mad Catz PS3 street fighter arcade stick white

The official Street fighter 4 tournament edition arcade controller

Mad Catz PS3 street fighter arcade stick red

This is the authentic street fighter tournament controller for the playstation 3.

Genuine Japanese style ps3 arcade stick controllers for street fighter 4, perfect for any fan looking to bring the arcade experience home.

These Mad catz arcade sticks feature an 8 button layout with turbo and speed functions, an option for easy switching between analogue and joystick layouts and a lock button to prevent any unnecessary button pressing. Also compatable with PC.

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PS3 Gun controller and Time Crisis 4 bundle

PS3 Gun controller and Time Crisis 4 bundle

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This is Time Crisis 4 the latest outing from developers Namco in the Time Crisis series together with the awesome PS3 guncon3 controller.  Bringing the original arcade version of Time Crisis 4 straight to your living room.  The guncon 3 is fully compatible with new tv’s unlike its older versions.  So get your hands on Time Crisis 4 now, the best and unsurpassed light gun series.

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PS3 Steering Wheels

Range of steering wheels for the PS3

PS3 Steering Wheels

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Logic3 Blue PS3 steering wheel controller

logic3 blue PS3 steering wheel controller

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The blue logic3 ps3 steering wheel and pedals controller is compatible with playstation 3, playstation 2 and windows PC gaming making it an all round versatile control.  Its added features include gear stick and rumble feedback for extra realism.

The Logic3 steering wheel is a must for any racing enthusiast.  For more information and images click here

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